Going Green Today Requires A Tankless Water Heater Installation

One of the best things that any homeowner can do to begin greening their home is to schedule a tankless water heater installation. By doing so, they can cut their energy use in half, thanks to the fact that their hot water heater is no longer continually burning energy to keep unused water at a constant temperature. The benefits of this type of water heater far exceeds just energy or money savings, so read on to find out exactly what those benefits are.

Why the Standard Hot Water Heater Is No Longer Viable

The standard hot water heater installation that exists in most homes, no matter when they were built or installed, are a prime example of energy inefficiency and waste. Even if there is no activity in the home, no water being used, that hot water heater is actively running, keeping the water it is holding in its reservoir at a constant temperature. By now, everyone knows that any appliance that is plugged in uses electricity, even if it is not running. wáter heater installation The standard hot water heater drains away energy in the same manner and can cost the homeowner far more money than it is currently worth.

The main benefit about tankless water heaters is that in comparison, they can actually save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs, simply by how they operate. Rather than keeping a reservoir of water heated to the right temperature constantly, the tankless water heater installation will only heat water on demand, literally the second before the hot water pours out of the tap. The water is heated as it passes through the unit, not before, more efficiently than its predecessor. The temperature the water is delivered in can be customized during installation, and will remain at that temperature until adjusted later. Simple, efficient and reduces the energy footprint of any home they are installed in.

Types of Water Heaters Available

There are two basic types of flash or on demand water heaters available today. Just as its predecessor, it can be run on either electricity or on gas. The main difference between the new and old as far as the type of energy used really comes into play with the gas flash heaters. If you decide that you want a gas flash heater installed, you will have the choice of running it on either natural gas or on propane.

Electric flash water heaters are far more versatile when it comes to installation than the gas versions, however. The electric heaters can be installed anywhere in the home and multiple units can easily be placed to run in multi-family homes, or in homes where a lot of large appliances may be used. The gas heaters, whether they are natural gas or propane, have to have a vent nearby to clear any fumes generated by operation out of the home. These are usually placed outside the home if it is not possible to vent them while being installed inside. They are often seen directly behind smaller homes, or on the roofs of larger buildings, for safety reasons.

Tips on Choosing the Right Type For Your Home

Before deciding on which type to have installed in the home, homeowners are advised to take stock of just how often hot water is used, daily, in their homes, and especially at what capacity. The smaller available units may not be able to handle households that regularly run showers, baths, washers and dishwashers, because they will be unable to heat that much water efficiently, on demand. This would mean perhaps purchasing a single larger unit with greater water heating capacity, or if you go with the electric, installing multiple smaller units around the constantly used appliances.

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